Maps for Unknowns is an augmented soundwalk in the woods of Saugatuck, Michigan.

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Exhibit A

audio iteration of ongoing site-based research, 2018

The site is a recently-bulldozed lot on my block in Chicago. It is located on the border of residential and commercial zones, occupied by a variety of flora and fauna, and passer-byed by walkers, joggers, bikers, drivers, train riders, and plane flyers. 
I propose an ongoing subjective sound-map-essay of this site that will most likely be completed by Winter 2018. The material is generated by personally haunting the site. My concern is the situation of this site on the border of its own past and future, as a manifestation of entropy: systemic erosion, decay, chaos and regeneration of organization. 

Blue Constellation

August 2017


.wav file sound collage for Seippelabel's compilation #8.


I Was Your Girlfriend

September 2017

[documentation of a spoken text performance for 6]